LEAF2018: Performances – Pattern Language



LEAF2018 highlights a month of activities with performances starting at 7PM on Friday April 27th along with a 10AM workshop and films from 5PM to 7PM on Saturday April 28th. Most activities are held at the Colorado Music Festival and Center for Musical Arts located at 200 East Baseline Road in Lafayette Colorado.

The theme of the performances is Pattern Language and each of the invited artists explores this theme in a different way: from sequenced patterns of sounds and colors sourced from the same signal, to patterns of ensemble dynamics, to patterns of language and sound in science fiction…

ART381A2 – Sound Art Ensemble: Morgan Jones, Cheyenna Boley, Christian Johnson and Lexi Caron
John Gunther/John Drumheller – Compositions for Saxophone and Supercollider, with live video by orchidz3ro
Trace Reddell – Linguistic Programming of Sonic Psychotechnologies
Jason and Debora Bernagozzi (of Signal Culture) – Ritual for Hybrid Media
Phillip Stearns – performing Apeiron | Peras

After the performances stick around for the repetitive beats and abstract patterns of DJ Crix Madine, with live video by orchidz3ro and share conversations and libations with the artists and fellow attendees.


On Saturday April 28th, Nick Briz and Brannon Dorsey of Branger_Briz will be leading a ‘Data Safari‘ as part of the LEAF: Machine Language exhibition at the Collective Gallery, 201 North Public Road, in Lafayette. Meet at The Collective at 9:30AM and let Branger_Briz lead you on a walking tour of Lafayette’s WiFi landscape, using their software artwork Probe Kit.

Probe Kit is a critical software art project that puts a fragment of the network surveillance and collection capabilities available to larger entities in the hands of “hobbyist network data collectors.”

Branger_Briz in collaboration with Brannon Dorsey debuted Probe Kit at the eMerge Americas Conference, as an activist “artware” installation aimed at illustrating how simple it is to collect personal network data and how much can be inferred from that data. Sarcastically pitched as an “amateur data collector kit”, Probe Kit turns your wifi card into a “net” that catches the fluttering probe requests (data packets) emitted from the wireless devices of the people around you.

At 5PM on Saturday  April 28th, join LEAF for a short film program curated by Peter Dillon of the Boulder International Film Festival. Always an eclectic selection of shorts and documentaries, as well as audiovisual artworks and experiments. Films will be screened in Grimes Hall at 200 East Baseline Road in Lafayette Colorado.