LEAF2018: Data Safari Workshop

Join artists Nick Briz and Brannon Dorsey of Branger_Briz at 9:30AM on Saturday April 28th at The Collective Gallery, 201 North Public Road, in Lafayette Colorado for a Data Safari, based on their artwork ProbeKit, which is currently part of the Machine Language exhibition, produced by LEAF. ProbeKit represents network and device data as animated butterflies projected on a large screen, each butterfly represents an individual unique device (cell-phone, tablet, laptop, IOT device etc).

Nick and Brannon will lead participants along a route on Public Road in Lafayette, teaching us how much of our information is freely available just by how our devices interact with one another. Given the current debates surrounding internet provacy and the sharing of individuals data without their consent, the workshop is very timely and informative. As the group moves down the street, Branger Briz will be collecting various networks and devices information, information that is freely floating out there. Once the group returns to the gallery the artist will set the “butterflies” free and discuss what we can do to protect our data, and ourselves from data piracy.