AutumnLEAF is a FREE event scheduled for October 7-8, 2016 that will feature live experimental and audiovisual music performances from an international cast of players.

The performances will be held on Friday October 7th from 7pm-10pm at Founders Hall, in the Colorado Music Festival & Center for Musical Arts at 200 East Baseline in Lafayette, CO. Continuing on Saturday, October 8th at the same venue, there will be brief talks given by the artists from 10am to noon, and a film program from 1pm to 3pm at the East Simpson Coffee Company, at 414 E Simpson St, Lafayette.
There is NO CHARGE for any of the events, but you may Pay What You Want  by donating at the venue.


Friday night’s performances have been curated to showcase various approaches to using electronic media in a live performative context. Combining narrative with abstraction, synthesis with sampling, collecting with fabricating, each of the invited artists creates a hybrid universe of sound, image, story and perception. Join us for an evening of challenging and rewarding experiences.

On Saturday morning join us for talks by each of the artists to gain insight into their creative process, the tools and technologies they employ, and what it means to practice this kind of art in today’s culture. Following the talks we will be screening a selection of short films examining the history of various strains of electronic and visual musics, as well as showcasing some contemporary artists and approaches.


“Based on feedback from the almost 200-person audience for the first LEAF we held in April, it became immediately clear that people were open to new and experimental forms of sonic and visual hybrid arts” said LEAF curator, David Fodel. “Lafayette is home to a growing community of creative and informed people that want high quality music and art. I think the small-town charm is also attracting people from Denver and the metro area as well. We continue to curate a program that rivals bigger festivals and we’re keeping it free to encourage folks to take a chance on something new and different”



LEAF is sponsored by Arts Lafayette, a 501c(3) organization, and presented by The Colorado Music Festival & Center for Musical Arts.

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