AutumnLEAF Film Program

Video still from "The Sound of Empty Space", courtesy Adam Basanta

On Saturday, October 8th, after the artists talks and a lunch break, and continuing from 1pm to 3pm, we will be screening a series of short films that examine various aspects of visual and audio electronic art forms. The films will be shown at the beautiful Hive in the East Simpson Coffee Co, just a couple of blocks from the performance venue at 414 E Simpson St, Lafayette. There is NO CHARGE for any of the events, but you may Pay What You Want  by donating at the venue.

These shorts survey the history of tech-art, how electronics transformed musical pioneers and our art experience, and various contemporary artists and their installations. This program is a quick ride from the ’50s to today along the electronic highway.

Film program curated by Peter Dillon.

List of films:

The Delian Mode – (Documentary, Canada, 2009, 25 min) Director Kara Blake
The sound of empty space – (Installation, Canada, 2015, 6 min) Adam Basanta
marea baja – (Installation, Austria, 2014, 2 min) Rubén D`Hers
Mortal Engine – (Performance, Australia, 2010, 6 min) Chunky Move
The Vocoder : A Robotic Voice – (Documentary, United States, 2014, 12 min) New Yorker Videos
Concrete Storage – (Installation, Germany, 2013, 1 min) Florian Born
Cymatics – (Video, Germany, 2013, 1 min) Susi Sie
PARTICLES – (Installation, France, 2012, 4 min) Daito Manabe and Motoi Ishibashi
Avatar – (Performance, Turkey, 2009, 10 min) Candas Sisman
electric stimulus to face – (Performance, Japan, 2008, 3 min) Daito Manabe

Peter Dillon is a member of the selection committee and jury for the Boulder International Film Festival.  He once broke up with someone because their favorite film was “The Princess Bride”.