LEAF2017 Film Program

Date: Saturday May 6th

Time: 2pm

Venue: Center for Musical Arts, 200 E. Baseline Rd. Lafayette, 80026

LEAF 2017 presents a program of short films, new and old, professional and spontaneous, high-fi and phone-fi.
This collection from the 30s to today paints a quick picture of how machine-made art and its pioneers have led to, and influenced, our present day inventors, artists and bit-twiddlers. The focus here is on creators not rules: Build it, take it apart, splice it, project it. Sans souci.

LEAF 2017 Film Program
running time ~ 1hr. 15mins.

What The Future Sounded Like
Russian Drawn Sound
Early Synthesizer
Mega Man on Modulin
I Tremble With Anticipation
All Things Fall
Leon Theremin
Gettin Lucky
Turn Anything Into A Theremin
Il(s) tourne(nt) en rond
Rain Room
Zoe Beloff – Eva
Infinity Room
Star Trek – The Lost Episode

Film program curated by Peter Dillon.

Peter Dillon is a member of the selection committee and jury for the Boulder International Film Festival.  He once broke up with someone because their favorite film was “The Princess Bride”.