Rhinoceropolis In Exile

Sadly, the response to Oakland’s Ghost Ship fire tragedy was to crackdown on similar DIY art spaces across the country. In Denver, the thriving Rhinoceropolis art and music collective was raided despite cooperating with fire code regulations for more than a decade. Its residents were evicted and it’s doors were shuttered. The art community came together to support the massive renovations and inspections required to re-open this essential art incubator and creative home. In the meantime its artists and musicians are in exile. Their inclusion in LEAF highlights the importance of local DIY art spaces to the creators they nurture.

John Gross curates a short program for LEAF that includes former Rhinoceropolis residents page27  and Sister Grotto, accompanied by live video synthesis and mixing by orchidz3ro – another Rhinoceropolis regular.

Photo: page27

Photo: Sister Grotto

Photo: orchidz3ro