LEAF2022: Light Herder & Sound Scraper

FREE: April 23nd, 2022: Grimes Hall, Center for Musical Arts, 200 E Baseline Rd, Lafayette, CO 80026

Improvised electronically manipulated vocals and complex fractals created in real-time with a hand-made HD video feedback machine.

Light Herder and Sound Scraper forge real-time audiovisual environments from the human voice, analog and hybrid electronics, and a complex, manually operated, bespoke HD video feedback device. A unique pairing of artists especially brought together for LEAF.

Matt Pass on vocals and electronics and Dave Blair on live video team up to explore emergent sonic and visual territories rooted in traditions of early music, and early video art – updated using contemporary technology and influences.

Dave Blair’s continuing research over more than a decade to capture the amazing detail and emergent visual behavior in high definition has resulted in a machine of complexity and beauty — not only in the visual output, but in the device itself.

This performance is a rare treat and a feast for the senses.

Demonstration and discussion to follow performance.

About Matt Pass

Matt Pass is a singer/sounder with New York roots and Colorado branches.

He has focused his singing tones on Medieval, Renaissance, Contemporary Classical, and Electroacoustic music, in places such as the Cloisters in NY, Recital halls of Bloomington Indiana, at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, at the NY Can Factory, inside the Brooklyn Bridge, and on top of Old Smokey.

These days Matt utilizes chunks of time and energy shaping sounds through pedal electronics and homemade instruments, improvising in solo, duo and trio sound collectives. Matt also creates sound installations that accompany artwork, exploring the interaction between sound, physical materials and the observer/participant’s resonance with the space around them and within.

About Dave Blair

David Blair is an artist, and video professional originally from California now living in Florida, USA.

His work with the Light Herder device have been featured on boingboing, on kottke, on hackaday, on slaschcam, on reddit, and is featured in an article in Make Magazine.

For in-depth background info on the construction of the device see The Light Herder.