LEAF2019: libi rose striegl

libi rose striegl: autopoeticprinter

Saturday March 16th: TALK

Digging In: A Hands-on Guide to Media Archeology
The Media Archaeology Lab at CU Boulder is a technology collection housed in a multi-function space that engages in cross-disciplinary research, education, and exploration relating to obsolete, antique, and dead-end media. The affordances of a space where open-ended exploration is a central tenet are innumerable. One of those is the opportunity to re-imagine the potential technologies that were once utilitarian for artistic ends. Some of the devices available to artists and researchers alike will be on-site at LEAF 2019, for experimentation.

libi rose striegl is an artist and PhD candidate in Intermedia Arts, Writing and Performance at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where her research pursuits include investigations of obsolete technologies and interrogations of convenience, productivity, and dysfunction. She holds an MFA in Experimental Documentary Arts from Duke University, and a BA/BFA in Film Studies from CU Boulder. Her work can be viewed at libirose.com.