LEAF2023: Ryan Wurst & Aaron Alexander

Saturday April 22, 7PM

Grime’s Hall, Colorado Music Festival & Center for Musical Arts, 200 East Baseline Rd., Lafayette, CO 80026

The Door to the Mysterium Has Closed Behind Me

Ryan Wurst and Aaron Alexander perform an improvisational mix of generative ambience and camera-based visuals processed and mixed in real-time. Hailing from Pueblo, CO where both teach media-based music and art at the University of Colorado, the duo explore slow-moving sonic motifs that surge and swell through live visual pan/tilt/zoom explorations of intimate environments constructed in tiny terrariums.

About Ryan Wurst

Ryan Wurst is a transmedia artist, who builds worlds that are informed by technology. He tells “infinite stories” that are ambient and circular rather than linear and often finds himself exploring concepts of the absurd, stupidity, and popular culture. His project based art takes form in many mediums like: animation, music, books, code, performance, and video. In addition to his many personal projects, Wurst is an avid organizer and curator who has run galleries, produced many events, and continues to run the record label Always Human Tapes. He has a PhD in Intermedia Arts Writing and Performance at the University of Colorado at Boulder, has an MFA in Experimental and Media Arts from the University of Minnesota, and a BM in music composition from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Wurst consistently performs and shows work nationally and internationally including: Beijing, New York, Zagreb, Belgrade, Minneapolis, and Boulder. Wurst is currently an Assistant Professor of Gaming and Immersive Media at Colorado State University, Pueblo.

About Aaron Alexander

Aaron Alexander makes photographs, moving images and short films that often tread the line between narrative and abstraction. In simple terms, Alexander uses light to make images. He has been a higher education teacher for over 15 years and serves as the Director of the School of Creativity + Practice at Colorado State University Pueblo. He is also serving as chair of the Department of Art & Creative Media. Aaron relocated to Colorado in 2018 from Jacksonville, Florida where he was teaching photography, film and digital art. 

Alexander studied historical and classical methods of photography while simultaneously exploring the wonders of digital image making at the renowned Department of Photography ; Savannah College of Art and Design where he earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

After two years of professional work he was granted a full scholarship to attend the College of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning at the University of Cincinnati. There, he began integrating moving images and time based media into the hand made photographic works he was known for. After three years of study Aaron earned his Master of Fine Arts degree from the Division of Graduate Studies and Research at UC.