LEAF2021 – xTAL fSCK (Jon Satrom & Jason Soliday)

Artists Name: xTAL fSCK (Jon Satrom & Jason Soliday)

Brief Bio:
Chicago-based Jon Satrom and Jason Soliday have been performing together in a variety of collaborations since 2004. As xTAL fSCK, their audio, video, and new-media work stems from a profound distrust of audio, video, and new media.

About the Work:
For LEAF 2021, Satrom and Soliday interpret Ezra Teboul’s score OCRtichoke. The outdoor projection, FM transmission, and elongated aspect ratio were specifically considered for this rendition of the work. The mistranslated OCR sets a garbled stage for a crunchy conversation–compressed and confounded by the distance and isolation of the current moment.

Link: http://www.xtal.world/ (DNS resolving now)