LEAF2021 – WORK Collective

Artist Name: CUbExWORK: the(Work)collective

Brief Bio: the(Work)collective formed in 2012 when Mark Moffett collaborated with TimeTo Productions to create WORK, a two-story video and sound installation at Dlectricity: Nuit Blanche Detroit. Since then, they have exhibited extensively throughout the Midwest and Colorado, including their installation, “What Americans Believe” at Understudy, Denver, 2018. the(Work)collective now comprises 9 members based in Toledo, Ohio, and Denver, Colorado.

About the work (Images captured from the(Work)collective’s projection cube at Dlectricity: Nuit Blanche Detroit): CUbExWORK is a 12’H x 12’W x 12’L box consisting of a steel sub-structure, mounted on a low-rising platform that can be disassembled and transported to all environments. It is easily assembled and covered, on all sides, with a two-way projection screen. Four video projectors are used to project a combination of both computer-generated and pre-recorded images. The interactive images are created by using SimpleCV.

Link: www.theworkcollective.net