LEAF2021- Rue Bainbridge

Artist Name: Rue Bainbridge

Brief Bio:

Rue Bainbridge, the duo of Gryphon Rue and Benton C Bainbridge, exists in the intersection of expanded cinema and sonic art. Generating electric calligraphy with a hacked game console and soundscapes with saw and electronics, the duo improvise a space for collective dreaming, where quirks of human hand and electricity spawn impressions of nature and asemic writing.
Rue Bainbridge is the first recipient of the Nam June Paik and Shigeko Kubota Video Art prize (2019). The project has been supported with residencies at spaces in transition: an Italianate palazzo that housed destitute millionaires, an abandoned 18th century hotel favored by rock stars, and an officer’s house on a former military island. Rue Bainbridge have been presented by Roulette Intermedium, Pace Gallery, Hauser & Wirth, The Hepworth Wakefield, de Young Museum, Center for Visual Music, Andrew Freedman Home, and Shigeko Kubota Video Art Foundation. Projects are realized as immersive audiovisual performances, yielding single-channel artworks with decentralized provenance. Rue Bainbridge is supported by the Andrew Freedman Home Artist-In-Residence program in The Bronx, NYC

About the Work ( Biome):

Drawn in the “blueberry blood” of a monochrome cathode ray tube, this soundscape and light drawing was created from feedback with human touch. Biome populates a dark pool with creatures of transfigured light: quivering and clamorous. Bacteriophage tendrils poke from tiny sockets; the spineless levitation of a gloopy amoeba. Overlapping oscillations form a vocabulary of auditory and visual shapes suggestive of organic life spawned from primordial soup in a fishbowl: protozoan, free-willed and teeming.

For LEAF 2021, Biome is presented in a custom installation, expanded to fill the vast wallscape for safe distance viewing.

Distributed by The Film-Makers’ Cooperative

Link: www.GryphonRue.com/RueBainbridge