LEAF2021 – L’Astra Cosmo

Aritst Name: L’Astra Cosmo

Brief Bio:

L’Astra Cosmo is an audiovisual project of Jahnavi Stenflo and Nathan Jantz (aka Normal Ones). The duo’s approach starts with the fundamental notion that everything we see, hear and touch is derived from vibrations at different frequencies. Using voltage controlled audio and video signals, L’AC synthesizes visual form and sound as if sculpting currents of electricity. Jahnavi and Nathan have collaborated with Atom™ under the pseudonym “nuuun” using real-time scan-processing techniques.

About the work (Viviscenes):

For LEAF 2021, L’Astra Cosmo presents “Viviscenes”, an audiovisual composition intended to convey the elastic nature of time as we often experience in dreams. Some times dreams are so vivid they are kept in our memories as our own private scenes from a movie and a window into our own psyche. To express this in an immersive way, “Viviscenes” will premiere projected outdoors in massive widescreen format.

Link: https://vimeo.com/holographique