LEAF2021 – Cory Metcalf

Artists Name: Cory Metcalf

Bio: Cory Metcalf is a visual and sound artist specializing in the development and exploration of digital instruments for live performance, responsive installations, and generative design. His work focuses on the exploration of complex systems to discover and cultivate novel kernels of the sublime. He is the co-founder of the group NoiseFold, whose performance, installation, and glass sculptural works have been exhibited extensively in the US and abroad since 2006. Cory currently resides in Montrose, CO and works as an Application Engineer for Cycling ’74, makers of the Max programming language.

About the Work (Of Dust): Of Dust is a generative particle animation created for LEAF. Conceived as a response to the ultra-wide format projection and the sideways theme, it explores the impact on the invisible and unknown forces that constantly play on and structure the forms of the world.

Link: corymetcalf.com