LEAF2021 – Angie Eng

Artists Name: Angie Eng
Music Credits:
voice/cello- Audrey Chen
percussion- Satoshi Takeshi
piano- Shoko Nagai

Music performed live and recorded at Roulette, NYC 2011 for video performance, ‘Liminal’ directed by Angie Eng
Video new version for LEAF 2021

Brief Bio:

Angie Eng is an intermedia artist known for her live video performance and being part of the first generation of new media artists from the 1990s in New York City. She often works in collaboration with experimental musicians, architects, and dancers in her intermedia performances, but shifts to a solo practice in her conceptual art installations. Her work has been exhibited internationally and she has received numerous awards and commissions for her art. She is finishing a practice-based Ph.D. in Kosmorganic aesthetics at CU Boulder and will present a solo exhibition about iconoclasm and civil rights with break dancers in ‘And Justice for All’ at Leon Gallery, Denver summer 2021.

About the work(Hard-edged Desert Storm):

Angie pulls out her signature Tuareg tifinagh calligraphy and sacred geometry animations to fill the monochromatic Colorado horizon with some international and universal flair.

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