LEAF2018: Jason and Debora Bernagozzi

Ritual for Hybrid Media is an audio-visual performance featuring custom made analog and digital processing tools created by Jason & Debora Bernagozzi. This performance includes the use of a color wobbulator, a processing tool originally created and used by legendary video artist Nam June Paik. Our custom made wobbulator is a modified CRT that uses sonically driven electromagnets to rip and disrupt the raster of the television and animate it around the screen, exposing the authority of the video transmission as a fragile and impermanent signal. The work is an experiment and mediation on translation between media devices, exploring the metaphor of rhizomatic connections underpinning the unseen signals that inhabit our universe .

Jason & Debora Bernagozzi are video & new media artists and educators living and working in Fort Collins, Colorado. They are the co-founders of the experimental media art residency Signal Culture.