LEAF @ 40.4 Fest

The 40.4 Festival is an audio-forward intermedia sonic summit that features a lineup of events focused around ATLAS B2‘s awesome 44 channel high density speaker array. Produced and curated by Sean Winters, the 3rd Annual festival will be happening April 15-20th, 2024. Event details here.

This year there will also be a special “40.4 x LEAF” presentation of an installation by Brian Kane titled Static Dynamics.

Static Dynamics is a new “data ’n chill” interactive installation using three game controllers and a massive subwoofer to create unique soundscapes combined with abstract video that’s gamed by the viewers. The sound and video elements were created by Brian Kane and David Fodel in 2008 at the Experimental Television Center in Owego, New York, and have never been shown before. Brian Kane is an artist who currently lives in Loveland, Colorado. His work has been featured on Discovery Channel, Good Morning America, The Tonight Show, and more, and exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide since 1988. David Fodel, the director of the Lafayette Electronic Arts Festival, is an artist living in Lafayette, Colorado. He and Brian have collaborated on works for 25 years.

Programming for the 2024 edition of the 40.4 Festival will feature workshops, talks by David Zicarelli (Cycling ’74) & Jeff Merkel (Meow Wolf), live intermedia performances, an acousmatic/audiovisual concert (diffused in 5th order Ambisonics!), the “Sonic Saturday” concert presented by Anton Bruckner Private University & Ars Electronica in Linz (Austria), and in-person events with Enrique Mendoza presenting and performing his research on Hybrid Audio Diffusion Systems.