LEAF 2024 – Paulus van Horne & FMSHAGGI

Saturday, April 20, 7pm – FREE

Center for Musical Arts (CMA), 200 E Baseline Rd, Lafayette, CO 80026

A Lexicon of the Mouth

This live sound performance will explore what Brandon LaBelle has called “the lexicon of the mouth” using noise, drone, granular synthesis and computer voices.

About the Artists

Paulus van Horne (b.1994 Amsterdam, NL) is a sound artist and media technology researcher based in Colorado. Their creative practice encompasses machine learning, radio production, game design and large-scale audiovisual installation. Paulus is currently a PhD candidate in the Department of Critical Media Practices at University of Colorado Boulder. Their practice-based research focuses on voice synthesis and gendered machines.

FMSHAGGI is a musician and visual/graphic artist based in St. Louis. She uses a combination of Touchdesigner, Midi Controllers, and Circuit bent/Analog Video equipment. She performs weekly on the virtual platform, VRChat.

Video gear: Edirol V4, Sima Studio 500(circuit bent), Sima Ed/it pro 3(circuit bent) 

Music gear: Syntakt, Td-3,Analog 4, Machinedrum, Dirtywave M8, Norns Sheild, Hydrasynth, Sp404.

Performance Links:
LivecodeNYC Hex.exe x FMShaggi set. (youtube.com)