LEAF 2024 – Panel Discussion

“Radical Economy; How local artists have leveraged web3 for sustainability”

with Annie Stardust, Eceertrey, & AL Grime

Tuesday, April 30, 6-8pm
The Collective Community Art Center
201 N Public Rd, Lafayette, CO 80026

In this panel discussion, three prominent local Denver artists and arts organizers delve into the innovative ways they’ve harnessed Web3 technology to ensure sustainability in their art careers. From leveraging various blockchains for art auctions, to exploring decentralized fundraising platforms for greater artistic autonomy, these creatives illuminate the intersection of art and technology, offering insights into the transformative potential of Web3 in shaping a more equitable and resilient future for the local art community.

About the Participants

Annie Stardust: Annie Phillips is a multimedia digital artist of 15 years; experimenting with technology to leverage impact and sustainability. Fascinated by the intersection of physical and digital, she’s created 3D printed pieces, projection mapped installations, big data artworks, and larger than life projects through her art collective IRL Art.
Annie is the founder of IRL Art, a grassroots art collective that has provided opportunities to over a thousand artists. IRL Art focuses on large scale, group exhibits to build community, create mind bending experiences, and promote skill sharing.The collective is passionate about web3 and the future of the creator economy. Search for IRL Art and you’ll find the collective IRL and in the metaverse.

A.L. Grime: Ally Grimm (b. 1991), also known under the moniker A.L. Grime, is a Venezuelan-American self-taught multimedia artist living in Denver, CO.
Her love for language and interpersonal relationships led her to study Strategic Communications at WVU, where Ally found herself captivated by the ways in which individuals process the relentless influx of information in our daily lives.
Ally’s signature monochromatic style developed through a practice of pen and ink before evolving onto canvas and later onto large-scale murals and digital installations. Her contemporary work and murals can be found in cities spanning the US including LA, New York, Denver, Miami and more.
Her work has since evolved off traditional surfaces and onto screens to include Augmented Reality (AR) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). She believes that this shift into the digital realm invites viewers to contemplate the intricate relationships between opposing forces, challenging preconceptions and prompting a deeper understanding of our collective journey.

Eceertrey: Eceertrey, pronounced (E-ceer-trey) is an AR/VR/Photographer from Colorado. He has a deep passion for nature and our environment with a longing to explore the mountainous regions of the western USA exporting his imagination into AR along the way. Starting as a photographer over 15 years ago, he has taught himself various 3D software and had his artwork in various mediums shown around the world, NYC, Paris, & Miami. Often exploring shape & form, his VR/AR Sculptures are purposefully & beautifully placed in outdoor natural environments. Avid supporter of NFTs and cryptocurrency, minted first NFTs over 3 years ago. This unique style of work has allowed him to work with some top brands like Nike, Adobe, Wired, Meta, and more.