LEAF 2024 Outdoor Projections Site 2

In collaboration with Denver Digerati, LEAF is presenting a number of outdoor “pop-up” installations that feature video projections that are visible from the street.

Located at 200 West Baseline Avenue in Lafayette and spread around 2 upper level sets of windows featuring 3 different artists work. The projections loop from dusk to about 11:30PM throughout the entire festival from mid-April til May 4th.

Still, Dev Harlan, Hegemony of Screensavers (Artifacts)
Still, David Fodel, Lines
Still, Nosine, Oasis

About the Artists


Dev Harlan is a New York based artist working in sculpture, installation and digital media. He has exhibited in the US and internationally and has permanent commissions with corporate and private collectors. Dev is a 2020 NYFA Fellowship Finalist in Digital Media Arts and winner of the 2022 Mozaik Artist Grant. Solo exhibitions include Christopher Henry Gallery (NY) and Gallery Madison Park (NY). Group shows include “Noor” at the Sharjah Art Museum, the New Museum’s “Ideas City” NY and the Singapore Light Art Festival. Dev has been an artist in residence at the Frank Lloyd Wright School Of Architecture and the SVA Sculpture & New Media Residency. Dev is currently pursuing a BA in Earth Science at Columbia University.


David Fodel has worked with electronic media and sound since the late 1970’s, exploring ways of building audiovisual systems that exhibit unexpected behaviors emerging from relatively simple interactions using hybrid imaging techniques to create man-machine entanglements bridging science, history, art and magic.

Much of his video work over the last 2 decades has been an exploration of ‘visual music’ – with or without audio elements. Using abstraction and movement primarily but leveraging advanced technologies such as machine vision and specialized optics and sensors. Fodel explores a visual counterpart to musicality though pattern, contour, displacement, value and variation.

David is an artist, teacher, and curator whose eclectic installations, live-media performances, award- winning sound design and video works have been exhibited, screened, and performed internationally including ISEA, Hong Kong; TiMaDi, London, England; Post-Screen Festival, Lisbon, Portugal; Festival ECUA- UIO, Quito, Ecuador; Future Places Festival, Porto, Portugal; Transmediale, Berlin, Germany. His work has been written about in Wired Magazine, and published by the Experimental Television Center, New Media Caucus, Post-Screen Festival, Hz Journal and Sekans Cinema Journal.

Recent residencies include the National Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow, STEIM, Amsterdam, FEED Media Art Center in Erie, and the Experimental Television Center and Signal Culture in New York.


Nosine is the pseudonym of Charlie Gleason, an electronic musician, multimedia artist, and engineer based in Denver, Colorado.

In an age where it is increasingly easy to be isolated from others and our environment, he aims to create new kinds of music, visual art, interactive experiences, and creative tools to facilitate connection between people and the world around them.