LEAF 2024 – L’Astra Cosmo

L’Astra Cosmo

Performing live visuals for LARAAJI on May 3, 2024 at The Arts HUB.

About the Artists

Since 2006, Colorado-based artists Jahnavi Stenflo and Nathan Jantz have collaborated in many different modes of audiovisual production and live performance under various monikers including Normal Ones and L’Astra Cosmo. Their visceral and emotive live electronic compositions span many musical territories stretching from dark and melodic electro to full-spectrum spatial ambience. The duo has produced and performed immersive multi-channel surround sound exhibitions as well as live synesthetic presentations of video and vector synthesis where the basis of the work of the audio and visual form originate from the same source signal.

In 2017, Stenflo and Jantz collaborated with artist Atom™ under the project name Nuuun, where they published a set of video works called “Current Suite No. 1” as the first release on the NN label. The Nuuun project focused on the visual technique of scan processing using audio, vector synthesis and vintage XY displays. In 2021, the video short “Viviscenes” was commissioned by the Lafayette Electronic Arts Festival for the LEAF 2021 edition and premiered as a massive outdoor projection in ultra widescreen among other a/v works. In 2023, Stenflo and Jantz were invited to do a week-long artist residency at Signal Culture utlizing and experimenting with the Jones Raster Manipulator, Jones Colorizer and a Nam June Paik Wobbulator by integrating them with some of their own audiovisual tools.

L’Astra Cosmo – “Viviscenes” (Commissioned for LEAF 2021)

Holographique TV – Vimeo

nuuun on CDM