bios+a+ic is a musician, an electronic sound artist, and a performer who soundtracks the modern world via construction and deconstruction of multi-layered analog and digital textures. His primary sources are effects processed & looped trumpet, vocals, synthesizers, and guitar, with added samples, field recordings, and noise effects. He has been playing trumpet since he was 8 years old, has been performing for 4 decades, and has produced over 40 studio albums for his label, symbolic insight. bios+a+ic most enjoys collaborating with other like-minded creators and is currently active with the projects sonolumina, EARadiate, entropic advance, unbridled sonic Anarchy, metapulse, and Synth_Drone collective. He hosts textures ambient showcase last Sundays of each month at Mutiny in Denver, he organized transistor electronic sound art festival for 2007-2011, and he has been a regular dj with KGNU radio in Boulder since 2012.

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