LEAF2019- L’Astra Cosmo

Friday March 15th – Performance

L’Astra Cosmo is an audio-visual project of Jahnavi Stenflo and Nathan Jantz (aka Normal Ones). The duo’s approach starts with the fundamental notion that everything we see, hear and touch is derived from vibrations at different frequencies. Using analog voltage controlled signals, one can synthesize visual form and sound in a delicate two-way conversation where the images are derived from the audio and the audio is derived from the images.       

For the Spring LEAF 2019 performance, L’Astra Cosmo will present a live musical composition and visualizing it using vector synthesis and vintage oscilloscopes as a way to bring the audience closer to the signal. They will employ a technique known as “scan processing” that goes back to the early 1970’s when video synthesis was an emerging art form. Using this approach, L’AC will further explore phosphorescent landscapes of vibrational form.

L’Astra Cosmo – The Secret Life of Frequencies:

Nuuun (a collaboration with Atom™) – Current Suite No. 1:

Normal Ones – Soundcloud: